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Diet Pills That Work
Diet pill brands such as Lipodrene, Ephedrex, and Green Stingers have been used by hundreds of satisfied customers? In fact, many customers swear by the effectivenes and safety of these diet pills. Buyer beware! There are a lot of diet pill scams out out there. But you won't find any such products here. Forget about Dr. Oz. We know what works and we have it here.

Still other brands such as Hydroxycut, Lipozene and others make bold claims with big marketing efforts. Some may experience limited success with such products, however many find their ingredients to be watered down or ineffective for them.

is ephedra illegalIs ephedra illegal?
There are several natural sources of ephedra, with the two main species being ephedra viridis and ephedra sinica. The sinica variety has been banned for use in dietary supplements while viridis has not. In the early 1990's a weight loss "stack" consisting of ephedra, caffeine and aspirin was widely used by many with great success. Also known as the "ECA stack", its use faded as ephedra was banned by the Food and Drug Administration for use in dietary supplements in 1994.

The industry responded by identifying similar alkaloids in other varities of the ephedra plant that do not contain the banned ingredient. Phenethylamine was found to have similar effects to other ingredients, without any major side effects. Although it may not be as potent as its predecessor, it packs a powerful punch when stacked with the right ingredients. This newly identified alkaloid ingredient is more abundant and easier to extract from other species of plants, which is why Acacia Ridigula is often cited an an ingredient.